Adrian Rubin is a successful freelance creative director based in Brooklyn

Adrian Rubin is a successful freelance creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. With a successful decade of experience under his belt, Mr. Rubin has consistently worked with companies and individual clients, both startups and high-profile alike.

At present, Adrian Rubin is highly engaged in the digital design and marketing subfield, where he is able to contribute by providing visually engaging content, excellent advertisement copies, and video concepts that are fresh and innovative. He prides himself on the amount of dedication and skill that he has poured into his work over the years.

Mr. Rubin started out in the creative industry when he took up a degree in art and design. This was not his first encounter with art though, as young as six years old, he already started developing his craft and passion by sketching and drawing using the materials he was given as a child.

Now, Mr. Rubin enjoys pursuing his passion and helping people succeed in their businesses through his work. As a freelance creative director, he admits that the job requirements may be demanding at times, but reminding himself that he is doing what he loves is the ultimate key to do all of his projects successfully.

Q:) What are some things that you love?

A:) I love a lot of things. Art has been one of the main inspirations of my life. Even in my spare time, I enjoy creating drawings that fully express my artistic style. I recently enjoyed taking leisure hikes and treks when I travel a place. I have recently gone to Alaska for a quick travel to visit a dear friend in Anchorage. He invited me to take a short hike to Matanuska Glacier, a very scenic view of the lake during the winter periods. At first, I was hesitant because although Brooklyn has occasional harsh winters, I don’t know if I could stand this one. Eventually, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and made it an inspiration for my current artworks. I also love reading and trying out new culinary experiences.

Q:) What’s your favorite type of food?

A:) Most people would see me and think that I’m a safe eater. When friends invite me for lunch, they would go to a ‘safe’ restaurant where they think I can order a safe staple of burgers, fries or barbecue. That is very far from the truth. I really enjoy trying out new things, and recently, I have been into trying out different Japanese cuisines. I am into sushi, sashimi, and ramen. I think I have tried every nearby ramen place there is here in Brooklyn! I really enjoy Miso ramen and Shoyu ramen with all of its classic toppings in place. It beats the cold and gives me warm positive vibes when I have it for lunch. I crave Japanese food every so often.

Q:) Describe your typical day.

A:) I don’t think there’s a typical day for a freelancer. Most 9-5 workers would have that, but I really don’t! However, I do have a morning routine that gets me on the go for projects that may be ever-changing in schedules. The morning I wake up, I try to stay away from gadgets. I have made for myself a thankfulness journal that I write on every day. I put on 5 things I am thankful for yesterday and 5 things I am looking forward to that day. This sets me in a positive beat throughout the day. After this, I do a quick 20-minute cardio, take a shower and have a breakfast. Breakfast for me is really important. I would usually have a healthy wrap, a salad, or a sandwich. I’m not a fan of sweet breakfasts. Then after having a good breakfast, this is where I’m motivated to continue on with my projects. I have a separate office room in my house to do my tasks. This keeps me from being distracted. If I have client meetings, I usually do them mid-afternoon or late afternoon, around 3-5pm.

Q:) What is one thing you’ve learned since starting your career?

A:) I have learned that there are always opportunities around the corner if you look hard enough. I’ve heard that one of the most common problems that freelancers have is the consistency of the work. I have been in this industry for more than 10 years, and it is safe to say that I have gained a strong client base because I’ve worked hard for it. The key lesson is to always go for the low hanging fruit or those clients who are already in need of a person like you. That way, your prospect-finding becomes easier.

Q:) What motivates you every day?

A:) Something that motivates me every day is the daily reminder to myself that I am doing what I love. Art has always been a part of me, and the fact that I am able to do what I’m passionate about in order to help people is something that I’m deeply grateful for. This is my main source of motivation. They say, when you do what you love, you don’t have to work a single day in your life.

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