Up-n-coming Hip-Hop Artist @Jones__music From The City Of Herndon, Virginia Talks About His Music [Interview]

Finally get to talk with Jones & Co. a very talented up and coming artist in the music

We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world
know exactly who Jones & Co is and what your music is all about.
Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they
want to know more about you.

Q: Tell us about you?

A: Im a young 18 year old rap artist from Herndon Virginia, But i now currently reside in
Knoxville Tennessee.

I started rapping about three years ago so that would put me at about age 14-15 when I decided to pick up the mic.
There is really not much to me really I was adopted very young and I've had a lot of set backs in my life with school, and the judicial system and things but since this is my first interview i want it to go on record that none of this would be possible without my Moms.
I haven’t recently been showing it but I love you moms, I’m doing this for you.

Q:) When did you start making music?

A:)  Oh shit lol, umm like i just said “about three years ago so that would put me at about age

Q:)  Who is your role model in the music world?

A:) As of right now?  thats a pretty hard question.. it fluctuates a lot but overall i would have
to say Eminem. His story is so amazing the battles he had to go through the demons he faces  and the actual psychological problems he’s battled.
I know my life has never come close to his or any of my experiences but I’ve felt his pain and Eminem will always be in my rotation till i flatline and i think many other people can also connect to him in an aspect. Thats why his music did as amazing as it did. (also he’s an amazing artist duh).

Q:) Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it?

A:) Shit bruh theres been many haha, From 1-800 suicide prevention, to Marvins Room, all
the way to some sappy shit like perfect by ed sheer an haha. Im a very versatile person
when it comes to music.

Q:) Is there anything you would do differently in your career?

A:) Yes of course theres constant room for improvement at all times.
I need way more features and i need to start doing features.
In 2018 I actually wanna work with another artist on a possible collar Ep.
also had vision of a possible mix tape but who can spill the beans just yet.. I'd like to get wayyyy More shows going cause I’m honestly a hype ass lil nigga and i know i could have the crowd rocking even if it just to open up for a main act.
I need to start working with producers as well that just have different beats if you get what I’m saying haha.. and lastly I need a god damn music video ASAP thats the first thing I needa get accomplished.

Q:) Who would you like to be as famous as?

A:) As of right now i just wanna build a loyal fanbase of people that spread my music to more people so we can grow as a family.
I recently added the Co. to my names cause I’m actually looking to get a team of people that have my same vision and work ethic to take with me and also cause i love ramen noodles lol. But to answer your question to set the bar as of right now.
As a realistic goal i'd have to say i wanna big as big as Skii mask even though i don’t really rap like him, i love his persona and just his overall vibe, In the long run though i think everyones dream is to be as big as Pac.

Q:) What is your secret to be different from other musicians?

A:) Woah woah, woah, I can’t give you all that sauce just now did you forget this was still a competition out here lol.
What I can contest to is be yourself but also spice up what you’re saying in your rhymes that is if you write your own shit.
Don’t over exaggerate to the point where someone can fact check your shit and see you’re a fake ass rapper with no meaning behind his bars.
Thats how i see it but now and days people kinda bite the wave and seem to get put on with no real content behind their music, but I’m not hating cause there are days you’ll see me blasting that wave bitting shit with no meaning in my car so I guess they are paths you could decided to choose from.

Q:) Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

A:) Anyone and everyone. Small names as of right now from my area i'd have to say include,
Austin Skinner, JayeAlpha, Nodis, FridayNite. nellstalgic Other artists include, Chris
Miles, Trippe Redd, TheRealAK. Playboy Carti, ASAP Rocky, Joey Badass, Lil Uzi Vert,
Chance the rapper, Pouya, wifisFuneral, Yung Pinch, A Boogie, and more.

Q:) Do you ever get lost in the music?

A:) All the time, it probably takes up my life tbh, its gotten pretty bad honestly. I ignore phone calls, I ignore texts, the screen starts to fuck with my eyes after 4 Hours of writing,
smoking, mixing and all that comes with the business.
But i love it, I wouldn’t trade it for the world i can’t see myself doing anything else. I've been cutting back a little because i’ve actually gotten really depressed lately and in a dark place but i still write pretty frequently and so forth i just need to get out more instead of be confined to my bedroom probably 24/6 since i have to fit sleep in haha.

Q:) Do you plan to make music for as long as you can?

A:) Of course l probably die in the studio. I know i can do this shit man, theres never been a doubt in my mind

Q:)  What message do you send to your fans?

A:) My fans? Honestly.. I love my fans y’all keep me going the few that i have are literally the
pole that keep me going this would be all for not if no body listened to my music. it all
starts somewhere whether i have 10 fans, 50. fans to 500000000 million fans.
I love each and everyone one of you individually and it means the fucking world to me that y’all would rally take the time at of yalls day to listen to my music let alone became loyal and
have emotions and get upset when i am and are on the edge of their seat when i say some new shits coming out.
They say the artist saves their fans but nah in this case y’all support me, y’all are truly the ones keeping me breathing this air and i thank you guy for that.

Q:) Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song?

A:)  Yes sir lol, currently I’m mainly based on soundcloud as of now with one song out on iTunes and spotify but my most recent song that i released a few days ago titled
shadow can be found here on my soundlcoud:

Q:) This interview allowed you to reveal yourself and talk more about you? If yes are you

A:) Yes, Im glad to have my very first interview off my chest. I honestly loved this experience
and hope to do more in the future. Maybe even radio ones who’s to know.

Q:) Any last thing to mention?

A:) I'd just like to thank you guys for reading this also, my social medias are also pretty dry
too so you should give those a peak too

Thank you very much for your time

Nah Thank you guys it was a blast

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