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Hip-Hop Artist - Mr. GibFunk From The City Of Amsterdam Get Down To Talk About His Music.

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Finally get to talk with Mr. GibFunk a very talented up and coming artist in the music industry.

We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who is Mr. GibFunk and what your music is all about.

Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.

Q:) Tell us about you?

A:) My name is Hendrik aka Mr. GibFunk. 41 years of age. Father of a 2,5 year old named Indi with partner Gwen. Now live in a place (Nederhorst den Berg) nearby Amsterdam.

Q:) When did you start making music?

A:) I professionally make music now since 2017. That is when my alter ego Mr. GibFunk came alive;-)

Q:) Who is your role model in the music world?

A:) My role model for me, is myself in 5 years

Q:) Is there anything you would do differently in your career?

A:) My career just started so...the only thing I can think of is tot be more patient and always have a focus for art of work and my surroundings/Family

Q:)  Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

A:) People like me, who started from scratch, with some talent and just try to make beautiful creations in music

Q:) Do you ever get lost in the music?

A:) Sometimes Yes! When I start writing and listening to the beat over and over again...

Q:)  Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song?

A:) Website is still in progress....

You can see my first videoclip on YouTube (Mr. GibFunk – Woke Up) and listen to my first tracks on Soundcloud

Thank you very much for your time

Thank u for the interview. As a newbie artist I will surely bring some GibFunk for you all in this world.
  Dutch Version                               

Over Mr. GibFunk
Mr. GibFunk (Hendrik Broeze) zag in 2017 het levenslicht nadat hij gekscherend zijn eerste HipHop track (Woke Up!) schreef, en met zijn zwager deze track in een studio in Amsterdam-Oost ging opnemen.

Sindsdien is Mr. GibFunk alleen nog maar bezig om z’n vrije tijd te gebruiken om zijn muziek en teksten te perfectioneren, en verder uit te bouwen.

De keuze om meer voor de Nederlandse HipHop te gaan  is ontstaan na het schrijven van de track “Huisje Opruimen”. Deze track gaf Mr. GibFunk een duidelijke boodschap, waarbij vooral de combinatie van schrijven en de Nederlandse tekst passend maken met de melodie, hem ontzettend veel plezier geeft.

De missie van Mr. GibFunk is dan ook om een geheel eigen stempel te drukken binnen de HipHop muziek, waarbij hij zichzelf telkens opnieuw wil blijven uitvinden als creatieve alleskunner. Met eindeloze mogelijkheden, waar nooit een eind aan komt.

De naam Mr. GibFunk is ontstaan door G-Funk (GhettoFunk) samen te voegen met Gibberish – Wat voor mij Humor en Absurdisme betekend. Deze combinatie van         G-Funk en vrolijkheid wil Mr. GibFunk door zijn muziek delen met de wereld.

Wie is Hendrik?
Hendrik Broeze is geboren op 4 januari 1977 en woont nu in Nederhorst den Berg samen met vriendin Gwen en dochter Indi.

Zijn vader is een creatieve dromer en rebels.  Zijn moeder is lerares Frans, positief, en een echte doorzetster. Zijn zusje Emilie woont, net als zijn ouders,  in Huizen met haar twee kinderen en vriend.

“Het leven wordt door mij beantwoord vanuit het hart. Blijdschap en Geluk voor mijzelf en mijn omgeving is in overvloed. Ik ben een dromer.

Kinderen en dieren nemen voor mij een bijzondere plek in. Ik geniet van schoonheid, geliefd zijn, en om constant in beweging te blijven. Wat ik heb is waar ik om vraag.

Voor mij is het leven een spel, ik geniet van mijn leven zoals het komt. Ik lach om ontmoediging of gefaalde projecten, en ik laat depressieve momenten nooit de boventoon voeren.

Zelfs zo, is er ook een terughoudende kant van mijn natuur. Ik leef in een wereld van gevoelens en emotie, en wordt snel verliefd.

Ik zie overal schoonheid, en dit druk ik uit door mijn muziek en keuzes.
Vrienden en Familie betekenen veel voor mij. Veel energie en liefde te geven, zodat iedereen een leuke tijd heeft. Niet ontrouw maar ik vind ‘t wel leuk om te flirten. Ben vriendelijk en bereidwillig van aard.

Mag wel meer geduld hebben en het vermogen om mijzelf te concentreren, zijn kwaliteiten die ik wel kan verbeteren voor mijn verdere persoonlijke ontwikkeling”.

Adrian Rubin is a successful freelance creative director based in Brooklyn

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Adrian Rubin is a successful freelance creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. With a successful decade of experience under his belt, Mr. Rubin has consistently worked with companies and individual clients, both startups and high-profile alike.

At present, Adrian Rubin is highly engaged in the digital design and marketing subfield, where he is able to contribute by providing visually engaging content, excellent advertisement copies, and video concepts that are fresh and innovative. He prides himself on the amount of dedication and skill that he has poured into his work over the years.

Mr. Rubin started out in the creative industry when he took up a degree in art and design. This was not his first encounter with art though, as young as six years old, he already started developing his craft and passion by sketching and drawing using the materials he was given as a child.

Now, Mr. Rubin enjoys pursuing his passion and helping people succeed in their businesses through his work. As a freelance creative director, he admits that the job requirements may be demanding at times, but reminding himself that he is doing what he loves is the ultimate key to do all of his projects successfully.

Q:) What are some things that you love?

A:) I love a lot of things. Art has been one of the main inspirations of my life. Even in my spare time, I enjoy creating drawings that fully express my artistic style. I recently enjoyed taking leisure hikes and treks when I travel a place. I have recently gone to Alaska for a quick travel to visit a dear friend in Anchorage. He invited me to take a short hike to Matanuska Glacier, a very scenic view of the lake during the winter periods. At first, I was hesitant because although Brooklyn has occasional harsh winters, I don’t know if I could stand this one. Eventually, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and made it an inspiration for my current artworks. I also love reading and trying out new culinary experiences.

Q:) What’s your favorite type of food?

A:) Most people would see me and think that I’m a safe eater. When friends invite me for lunch, they would go to a ‘safe’ restaurant where they think I can order a safe staple of burgers, fries or barbecue. That is very far from the truth. I really enjoy trying out new things, and recently, I have been into trying out different Japanese cuisines. I am into sushi, sashimi, and ramen. I think I have tried every nearby ramen place there is here in Brooklyn! I really enjoy Miso ramen and Shoyu ramen with all of its classic toppings in place. It beats the cold and gives me warm positive vibes when I have it for lunch. I crave Japanese food every so often.

Q:) Describe your typical day.

A:) I don’t think there’s a typical day for a freelancer. Most 9-5 workers would have that, but I really don’t! However, I do have a morning routine that gets me on the go for projects that may be ever-changing in schedules. The morning I wake up, I try to stay away from gadgets. I have made for myself a thankfulness journal that I write on every day. I put on 5 things I am thankful for yesterday and 5 things I am looking forward to that day. This sets me in a positive beat throughout the day. After this, I do a quick 20-minute cardio, take a shower and have a breakfast. Breakfast for me is really important. I would usually have a healthy wrap, a salad, or a sandwich. I’m not a fan of sweet breakfasts. Then after having a good breakfast, this is where I’m motivated to continue on with my projects. I have a separate office room in my house to do my tasks. This keeps me from being distracted. If I have client meetings, I usually do them mid-afternoon or late afternoon, around 3-5pm.

Q:) What is one thing you’ve learned since starting your career?

A:) I have learned that there are always opportunities around the corner if you look hard enough. I’ve heard that one of the most common problems that freelancers have is the consistency of the work. I have been in this industry for more than 10 years, and it is safe to say that I have gained a strong client base because I’ve worked hard for it. The key lesson is to always go for the low hanging fruit or those clients who are already in need of a person like you. That way, your prospect-finding becomes easier.

Q:) What motivates you every day?

A:) Something that motivates me every day is the daily reminder to myself that I am doing what I love. Art has always been a part of me, and the fact that I am able to do what I’m passionate about in order to help people is something that I’m deeply grateful for. This is my main source of motivation. They say, when you do what you love, you don’t have to work a single day in your life.

Long-Lost ‘African Mona Lisa’ Painting By Nigerian Artist Smashes Expectations at London Auction

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After decades of being lost, a portrait of a Nigerian princess dubbed the “African Mona Lisa” sold at a London auction this week for £1.2 million ($1.7 million), smashing initial estimates.
The painting, a 1974 portrait of Adetutu “Tutu” Ademiluyi by Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu, was projected to earn up to £300,000 ($414,000) when it went up for sale at the Bonhams auction house, Agence France-Presse reported. The likeness of the Ife royal princess recently turned up in a London apartment after having been missing for decades.
“The portrait of Tutu is a national icon in Nigeria, and of huge cultural significance,” said Giles Peppiatt, Bonham’s director of modern African art, who discovered the work after a family in north London contacted him. He said the family was shocked to learn the painting was a “missing masterpiece.”
“It’s very exciting to have played a part in the discovery and sale of this remarkable work,” he added.
According to AFP, Enwonwu is considered the father of Nigerian modernism. He created three paintings of “TuTu,” the locations of which remained a mystery until this most recent discovery. The portraits served as symbols of peace following a war among ethnic groups during the Nigerian–Biafran conflict of the late ’60s.
“It has been a legendary painting for 40 years, everybody keeps talking about Tutu, saying ‘where is Tutu?’ ” said acclaimed novelist Ben Okri, who told the AFP the portrait has taken somewhat of a mythical status back in his native Nigeria.
“He wasn’t just painting the girl, he was painting the whole tradition,” he said of Enwonwu. “It’s a symbol of hope and regeneration to Nigeria, it’s a symbol of the phoenix rising.”
Enwonwu’s piece, “Negritude,” also painted in the ’70s, sold for £100,000 ($138,000) in the same sale, according to the news service.
Source: ATL

Hip-Hop Artist JAYARSON From The City Of New Orleans, Louisiana Talks About His Music [Interview]

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Finally get to talk with JAYARSON a talented up and coming artist in the music industry.

We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who JAYARSON is  and what your music is all about.

Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.

Q:) Tell us about you?

A:) I’m JAYARSON - Rapper/CEO/Businessman from New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m striving to become a legendary artist and CEO on a worldwide level in the music business.

Q:) When did you start making music?

A:)  I been rapping since I was 10 years old putting two radios on side of each other and making tapes to instrumentals in middle school. But I really took rapping seriously about 2005.

Q:)  Who is your role model in the music world?

A:) My biggest role model in the music business has to be Mr. Bryan “Baby” Williams. He’s from New Orleans and is a Businessman to the max.
I grew up watching him shut the city down for Bayou Classic Pre-Katrina era. He had the city on on smash.

I remember looking at him coming down Canal in the red drop top Benz, two watches, diamond teeth with everyone taking pictures. I had to be in like middle school at the time thinking to myself that’s going be me one day.

From that day on I knew I had to figure out what’s going get me all that. Hell why you think I have diamonds in my teeth now, all this jewelry on, switching cars up? All that came from Stunna.
The whole bling culture in the business came from a successful business from New Orleans.. Stunna!

Q:) Is there anything you would do differently in your career?

A:) Hell yeah! I would have done more and got professional help. I understand now it’s just some stuff you got to pay for, when it comes to promotions and branding.

I’m tight to the T with my budget I don’t care how much money I have, I need to spread this around is how I think. So the only thing I would change is understanding the fact I can’t do it all on my own.
You need help professional help.

I would have been much further than I currently am, but I love the experience I received in the process.

Q:) Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

A:) I would love to do a tour with Rick Ross. I think his style is something similar to mine. I admire the way he brands. I think that being on tour with him would help me grow in the process as a CEO/Artist.
I learn a lot from watching and not saying a word, I would advance so much watching him, that’s who I would want to tour with.

Q:) Do you ever get lost in the music?

A:) All the time - certain songs bring out certain emotions. I got some of my music I listen to and it brings tears to my eyes remembering the pain I felt creating it.

I also feel happy emotions when listening to some of the music – it’s happy emotions. So this applies when artists create relatable music.

I mean I don’t cry when I hear other artists - only I have that musical effect on myself cause sometimes when I record I don’t get lost within the music until I hear myself and remember the pain. But overall, I get lost in music daily. It’s something I’m passionate about.

Q:) Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song?

A:)  Yes, of course Apple Music. Google Play, Tidal, etc. - all streaming services just search JAYARSON all caps

no cap also

Thank you very much for your time

Up-n-coming Hip-Hop Artist @Jones__music From The City Of Herndon, Virginia Talks About His Music [Interview]

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Finally get to talk with Jones & Co. a very talented up and coming artist in the music

We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world
know exactly who Jones & Co is and what your music is all about.
Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they
want to know more about you.

Q: Tell us about you?

A: Im a young 18 year old rap artist from Herndon Virginia, But i now currently reside in
Knoxville Tennessee.

I started rapping about three years ago so that would put me at about age 14-15 when I decided to pick up the mic.
There is really not much to me really I was adopted very young and I've had a lot of set backs in my life with school, and the judicial system and things but since this is my first interview i want it to go on record that none of this would be possible without my Moms.
I haven’t recently been showing it but I love you moms, I’m doing this for you.

Q:) When did you start making music?

A:)  Oh shit lol, umm like i just said “about three years ago so that would put me at about age

Q:)  Who is your role model in the music world?

A:) As of right now?  thats a pretty hard question.. it fluctuates a lot but overall i would have
to say Eminem. His story is so amazing the battles he had to go through the demons he faces  and the actual psychological problems he’s battled.
I know my life has never come close to his or any of my experiences but I’ve felt his pain and Eminem will always be in my rotation till i flatline and i think many other people can also connect to him in an aspect. Thats why his music did as amazing as it did. (also he’s an amazing artist duh).

Q:) Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it?

A:) Shit bruh theres been many haha, From 1-800 suicide prevention, to Marvins Room, all
the way to some sappy shit like perfect by ed sheer an haha. Im a very versatile person
when it comes to music.

Q:) Is there anything you would do differently in your career?

A:) Yes of course theres constant room for improvement at all times.
I need way more features and i need to start doing features.
In 2018 I actually wanna work with another artist on a possible collar Ep.
also had vision of a possible mix tape but who can spill the beans just yet.. I'd like to get wayyyy More shows going cause I’m honestly a hype ass lil nigga and i know i could have the crowd rocking even if it just to open up for a main act.
I need to start working with producers as well that just have different beats if you get what I’m saying haha.. and lastly I need a god damn music video ASAP thats the first thing I needa get accomplished.

Q:) Who would you like to be as famous as?

A:) As of right now i just wanna build a loyal fanbase of people that spread my music to more people so we can grow as a family.
I recently added the Co. to my names cause I’m actually looking to get a team of people that have my same vision and work ethic to take with me and also cause i love ramen noodles lol. But to answer your question to set the bar as of right now.
As a realistic goal i'd have to say i wanna big as big as Skii mask even though i don’t really rap like him, i love his persona and just his overall vibe, In the long run though i think everyones dream is to be as big as Pac.

Q:) What is your secret to be different from other musicians?

A:) Woah woah, woah, I can’t give you all that sauce just now did you forget this was still a competition out here lol.
What I can contest to is be yourself but also spice up what you’re saying in your rhymes that is if you write your own shit.
Don’t over exaggerate to the point where someone can fact check your shit and see you’re a fake ass rapper with no meaning behind his bars.
Thats how i see it but now and days people kinda bite the wave and seem to get put on with no real content behind their music, but I’m not hating cause there are days you’ll see me blasting that wave bitting shit with no meaning in my car so I guess they are paths you could decided to choose from.

Q:) Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

A:) Anyone and everyone. Small names as of right now from my area i'd have to say include,
Austin Skinner, JayeAlpha, Nodis, FridayNite. nellstalgic Other artists include, Chris
Miles, Trippe Redd, TheRealAK. Playboy Carti, ASAP Rocky, Joey Badass, Lil Uzi Vert,
Chance the rapper, Pouya, wifisFuneral, Yung Pinch, A Boogie, and more.

Q:) Do you ever get lost in the music?

A:) All the time, it probably takes up my life tbh, its gotten pretty bad honestly. I ignore phone calls, I ignore texts, the screen starts to fuck with my eyes after 4 Hours of writing,
smoking, mixing and all that comes with the business.
But i love it, I wouldn’t trade it for the world i can’t see myself doing anything else. I've been cutting back a little because i’ve actually gotten really depressed lately and in a dark place but i still write pretty frequently and so forth i just need to get out more instead of be confined to my bedroom probably 24/6 since i have to fit sleep in haha.

Q:) Do you plan to make music for as long as you can?

A:) Of course l probably die in the studio. I know i can do this shit man, theres never been a doubt in my mind

Q:)  What message do you send to your fans?

A:) My fans? Honestly.. I love my fans y’all keep me going the few that i have are literally the
pole that keep me going this would be all for not if no body listened to my music. it all
starts somewhere whether i have 10 fans, 50. fans to 500000000 million fans.
I love each and everyone one of you individually and it means the fucking world to me that y’all would rally take the time at of yalls day to listen to my music let alone became loyal and
have emotions and get upset when i am and are on the edge of their seat when i say some new shits coming out.
They say the artist saves their fans but nah in this case y’all support me, y’all are truly the ones keeping me breathing this air and i thank you guy for that.

Q:) Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song?

A:)  Yes sir lol, currently I’m mainly based on soundcloud as of now with one song out on iTunes and spotify but my most recent song that i released a few days ago titled
shadow can be found here on my soundlcoud:

Q:) This interview allowed you to reveal yourself and talk more about you? If yes are you

A:) Yes, Im glad to have my very first interview off my chest. I honestly loved this experience
and hope to do more in the future. Maybe even radio ones who’s to know.

Q:) Any last thing to mention?

A:) I'd just like to thank you guys for reading this also, my social medias are also pretty dry
too so you should give those a peak too

Thank you very much for your time

Nah Thank you guys it was a blast

Hip-Hop artist DeAndre from the city of Boston, MA is taking time to talk with us about his music [ Interview ]

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Finally get to talk with DeAndre, a very talented up and coming artist in the music industry. We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who DeAndre is and what your music is all about.
Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.
Tell us something about yourself.
I’m 22 years old from Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up in the Dorchester side and I’m very passionate about music. 
I probably have spent the last 7-8 years trying to find a way to shape my style of music. When I’m not thinking about music I’m at some mall or outlet trying to find a fresh gear for the day or for the night, I love shopping, everyone does, right? I’m an outgoing person and usually interact with everybody, and easily make new friends. 
I feel good about my music where it is now and I feel like maybe one day, to be as iconic as the big names in the industry.
When did you start making music?
I would say I officially started making music when I was a sophomore at Madison Park High School in Roxbury. 
But way before that I would dream about seeing myself in the music industry. Playing shows, recording music, taking pictures, I wanted all of that. I used to rap along to 50 Cent songs and act like it was me on that stage.
Who is your role model in the music world?
My role model is definitely J. Cole. Cole has been a huge inspiration in my life when it comes to music. 
I literally played out each and every single Cole song. I bought every album and what I love the most about Cole is that he is super authentic. 
He stays true to who he is, he doesn’t paint a picture of someone and his art is not just to sell records. His music sells because he’s real and I love that about him.
Is there anything you would do differently in your career?
No, not really, for now that is. I feel like at this moment everything is going in the right direction for me, my aspirations, and my goals. I just want to strengthen my financial stability to make more investments towards my brand DeAndre4Stackz and SubCulture Records.
Who would you want to do a tour or concert with?
That’s a difficult question. There are a lot of big names and talented people locally, but if they would ask, definitely with Kanye West or Travis Scott. 
I feel like my style together with Kanye or Scott’s is something that can be amazing and the stage designed into something super crazy, with lots of lights and flames. I will definitely be a show to see.
Do you ever get overwhelmed by the music that is now available?
No I’m not overwhelmed at all. There is a lot of talent out there, and not many get the chance to get featured online in blogs or on radio shows. 
I know my music is going to stand out, it always does, it just have to get in front of the people who appreciate my style and the fans that can relate to my stories. 
I always trust my gut instinct and I feel good about everything that’s going on at the moment.
Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song?
Yes, there are many ways find my work. My official website is

Fans can follow my progress on Twitter and Instagram @deandre4stackz and stay up to date via our Facebook page @deandre4stackz, they also can listen to previous releases on Soundcloud and download new releases on Bandcamp. And Favors is just released and available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Thank you very much for your time

R&B Soul Singer I-WILL From The City Of Houston Talks About His Music (interview)

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Finally get to talk with I-WILL a very talented up and coming artist in the music industry. 

We really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who I-WILL is and what your music is all about.

Since Hip Hop music became a reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.

  Tell us about you?
 My name is I-WILL and I am an R&B Soul Singer from Houston, Texas.

 When did you start making music?
 My name is I-WILL and I am an R&B Soul Singer from Houston, Texas.

Who is your role model in the music world?
Honestly, Beyonce. She taught me how to be great and be humble at the same time. Also, she from my City

 Is there anything you would do differently in your career?
No, even when you fail at times you win because you are still going. Your learning and developing your craft into something amazing.

Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?
Bruno Mars, Beyonce, The Weekend and Kendrick Lamar, Charlie Wilson, just to name a few.

Do you ever get lost in the music?
Absolutely, its my safe place and my first true love.

Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song? or iwillsangtv on youtube.

IG: iwillsang 

Thank you very much for your time

Meet Gladys West, The Female Engineer Who Played a ‘Pivotal’ Role In Developing the GPS

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From cell phones to cars and even social media, most folks in this day and age are familiar with the Geographical Positioning System, or GPS. Little known is the fact that an African–American woman mathematician was a part of the original team of engineers tasked with developing the highly useful system.
“GPS has changed the lives of everyone forever,” Gwen James, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., said upon learning her longtime soror Gladys West played a “pivotal” role in creating the now-household technology.
“There isn’t a segment of this global society — military, auto industry, cell phone industry, social media, parents, NASA, etc. — that doesn’t utilize the Global Positioning System,” she told the Free Lance-Star. 
West, 87, enjoyed a 42-year career as a mathematician at the Naval Support Facility in Dahlgren, Va., where she, and fellow engineers saw the early beginnings of the popular tracking system. She was just one of four Black Americans employed at the Naval base when she first started in 1956, her calculations eventually leading to satellites. A year later West married Ira West, a fellow mathematician she met at the Naval facility.
James said she was totally unaware her soror was one of the “Hidden Figures” behind GPS until she read her biography for an event honoring senior members of her sorority. Now, she wanted to share West’s accomplishments with the rest of the world.
“I think her story is amazing,” James said.
West herself said she had no idea her time spent recording satellite locations would impact so many people years later. To her, she was simply doing her job.
“When you’re working every day, you’re not thinking, ‘What impact is this going to have on the world?’ ” she told the Free Lance-Star. “You’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to get this right.’ ”
According to the newspaper, West collected data from the orbiting machines, honing in on information that helped her determine their exact locations as they communicated across the world. That data was then entered into so-called “supercomputers” while she worked on computer software designed to measure precise surface elevations.
In a nutshell, West said her calculations took a great deal of time, as she was checking and double-checking equations and worked to collect and analyze troves of data. She insists the work was rewarding, however.
“I was ecstatic,” West said. “I was able to come from Dinwiddie County and be able to work with some of the greatest scientists working on these projects.”
When it comes to traveling, the seasoned mathematician surprisingly prefers a paper map over the tracking system, as some of the data points could be outdated from the time she worked on the equations, her daughter told the newspaper.
To this day, she still does her own calculations.
source: ATL

Rapper J-MAR From North Carolina

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Born (Damon Jamar Bostick) July 3rd 1993 in Concord, North Carolina, I go by the rap name “J-Mar”. I’ve been writing verses ever since 1997, at the age of 4. Never knew I would completely pursue rap due to my love for sports mainly football as I became an all-state performer in high school. My motivation for finally pursuing the rap game came from me having surgery and my football career being ended. I’ve overcame a lot of adversity in my life, I have went through a lot of trials and tribulations, I’ve seen people get shot at, I’ve seen people I grew up with killed, I’ve been a witness to the drug game and lived around it for years and I puzzle that into every single song I do. It’s been a hard young life for me and in most of my songs that’s exactly what I speak about. I love to catch the ears of listeners with catchy beats as well as my lyrics because a lot of people can relate to what I speak upon.

Secessionist Crisis in Cameroon Risks Sliding Into a Rebellion

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A secessionist push in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions is on the brink of a full-blown revolt, threatening political stability in a country ruled by one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders.

Following a crackdown on independence supporters who tried to raise flags on government buildings in the central African nation’s English-speaking regions in October, at least 16 members of the security forces have been killed in attacks the government blames on the activists. This month a mob of 200 men besieged a paramilitary police station, according to the government.

It marks a dangerous turn in the crisis that began about a year ago with peaceful protests against the French language’s dominance in courtrooms and schools. Attacks on the military “presented those activists who were against armed combat before with a fait accompli — those who want to take up arms now have the upper hand,” said Hans De Marie Heungoup from the International Crisis Group. “There’s a real risk of rebellion that could make the Anglophone regions ungovernable.”

The secession issue in Cameroon echoes a global trend spanning from Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia in Spain, where leaders this year led thwarted drives for independence, to Africa itself. In neighboring Nigeria there are new calls for a southeastern Biafran state, 50 years after a previous attempt led to a civil war that claimed a million lives. Meanwhile, Kenya’s political opposition, smarting from an election loss they blame on rigging, have warned some regions could seek to secede.

Vital Ports
Cameroon’s English-speaking minority, about a fifth of the population, has complained of marginalization for decades and many highly educated Anglophones have moved abroad. The country, whose roads and ports are vital for landlocked neighbors such as oil-producing Chad, was split after World War I into a French-run zone and a smaller, British-controlled area.

Radical factions of the protest movement in the Northwest and Southwest regions now refer to the area as Ambazonia and discuss armed struggle on social media. About 20 percent of the population in the affected regions is estimated to support secession, according to the Brussels-based International Crisis Group.

The unrest comes as Cameroon’s army struggles to halt a spate of bombings and raids by the Islamist militant organization Boko Haram near the northern border with Nigeria. While Boko Haram forced thousands of Cameroonians to flee their homes last year, the secession campaign poses a much bigger threat to the government, Heungoup said by phone from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

“Even if Boko Haram killed a lot of people, it was clear from the onset that they would never threaten or capture the state,” he said. “But the Anglophone crisis calls the foundations of the Cameroonian state into question.”

Heavy-handed Response
President Paul Biya, who calls the secessionists criminals, is seeking to extend his 35-year rule in elections next year. Biya is the continent’s second-longest serving head of state, after Teodoro Obiang of neighboring Equatorial Guinea. Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, resigned in November.

Some say the radicalization is a result of a heavy-handed government response that’s left dozens of people killed in protests this year and some leaders jailed. While the government initially ignored the crisis, it switched tactics in a bid to suppress the movement. The internet was cut off for several months in the two regions and a nighttime curfew was imposed. Activists responded by organizing general strikes in the biggest towns, leaving schools and businesses closed.

Ambazonia now has a self-proclaimed president, a flag and an official government website. Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland spent five days in Cameroon this month in an attempt to defuse the crisis.

“When this crisis was in its beginning stages, the government thought it could kill a few protesters, arrest others and heavily militarize the North West and South regions for the crisis to be over,” said Shadrack Mbirwang, an activist who claims to be a member of the Ambazonia army. “This time around, we are ready to fight and fight till the restoration of our statehood.”

Source: cameroononline