Hip-Hop Artist @RakeemNC From Greensboro, NC. Get Down To Talk About His Music Project [ Interview ]

This time we met Rakeem an young  talented artist with lots of ambitions in the music industry.

Influenced by people around him rather than big names in the music industry, Rakeem definilety take a big step to make a difference.

Go Behind The Scenes with Rakeem and Get an Exclusive In-Studio Look at How He Works on New Music For His Upcoming Mixtape FanBase Vol.2 .

Rakeem, we really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who is Rakeem and what your music is all about.

Hip Hop music is now becoming a great reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.

Tell us about you:
My name is Rakeem. I am hiphop artist from Greensboro, NC. I am currently working on my new project FanBase Vol.2 that is set to release this summer. 

 When did you start making music:
I started making music at 19.

 Who is your role model in the music world:
I get inspiration from all pasta of life. I'm influenced by more so the people that I'm around rather than people in the music industry. 

 Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it?
No I haven't reached that point yet. Maybe further in my career I will make a track that brings those emotions out one day. 
 Is there anything you would do differently in your career:
I'm not sure if I would do anything different at this point. I'm just taking my music one step at a time.  I'm still learning and soaking things in add I continue perfecting my craft in the studio and on the business aspect. 

 Who would you like to be as famous as:
I really just want to see how far I can take my career.I just focus on staying in my own lane. I really don't care abbot being super famous as long as my fans and supporters are satisfied. That's what I focus on the most.

 What is your secret to be different from other musicians:
I'm just being myself in the studio. I don't try to sound like nobody else or talk about the same things that's other rappers talk about. Being myself is being different. 

Who would you want to do a tour/concert with:
I would do a tour with anything honestly. Right now I'm in the world's of planning a tour myself to help get my name out there more so that I get familiar with the touring business before I do a tour quoth somebody major. 
Do you ever get lost in the music:
All the time. Especially if I'm in a room by myself. 

 Do you plan to make music for as long as you can: 
I'm not sure yet. At a certain point I might just stop recording and probably continue writing for other artist. 

What message do you send to your fans:
I try to make music that they can relate to in all aspects of life. On every song I try to be as honest as possible. I also want my fans to know that every dream can be reached. 

Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song:
Yo can visit my website at 

This interview allowed you to reveal yourself and talk more about you? If yes are you satisfy?
Yes the questions were on point. 

Any last thing to mention?
I started a new Youtube Series Called "Fanbase Season 2". It's gonna be different episodes released every Friday night at 9pm. I'm calling it Fanbase Fridays.

Watch the video below   FanBase Vol.2

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is an independent label created by an artist to better produce and promote other artists. With the lack of publishers to help talented local artists to broadcast their music, it was important that some one take the first step and lead the way to a new generartion of self made artists.

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