Hip-hop and the Illuminati – conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories about musicians getting famous, rich and influential thanks to some dark powers are nothing new. As the music itself, these myths and theories are changing through the years and they become more modern – newspapers used to write about Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page practising black magic in a Scottish mansion where Aleister Crowley used to live, but now they are writing about rappers attending secret Illuminati meetings involving a huge owl statue, strange rituals and creation of New World Order. I have not gone into details of these conspiracy theories as I do not believe them, to be honest, but the articles and comments on this topic let me conclude that it is a great material for a Hollywood thriller. I decided to take a closer look at the hip-hop and popular music through the prism of conspiracy theories and describe the things I see, to describe this dark world where the gap between a vampire and the Witch king is just one sacrifice. Of course, my main source of information was YouTube and I used it with a foil hat on my head, namely, by using Google Chrome incognito mode.
The first conclusion I can make after starting my research is that there is contradictious information on which rappers are the members of Illuminati. Whether or not the artist is a member of the secret society can be clarified by looking at artist’s lyrics, videos and CD covers. You can draw a line in the hip-hop community between the artists that are against the Illuminati and the artists that are members of this secret society. If you cross this line and enter the dark side, the only exit is death – there is no other way out. The fight against the Illuminati started in the 90s, the golden era of hip-hop, when rap reached a wider audience and rappers started business (and other kinds of) relationships with influential white millionaires and billionaires. Of course, the appearance of money and influence in this street culture gave rappers the opportunity to improve their status in the industry. But there is a crime behind every wealth. As the Illuminati are using mysticism, ancient pagan rituals and occultism in order to get power, the artists had to (and still have to) make sacrifices to Satan to earn the favour of the secret society. One of the first rappers becoming a victim of dark rituals of the Illuminati was Eazy-E.
N.W.A. became popular and famous thanks to the influence of Jerry Heller – one of the founders of Ruthless Records and the Illuminati subordinate. Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre signed agreements with Satan to get the fame, influence and gangster image they longed for, but later it turned out that they had to sign this document not only with ink but also with their blood. Of course, the information might be misleading, but everything points to the fact that Eazy-E was Ice Cube’s sacrifice for the Illuminati – Ice Cube released his album “Lethal Injection” a year before the death of Eazy-E (he died of AIDS). Ice Cube exchanged the life of Eazy-E for popularity and image – the Illuminati are still successfully covering the fact that he is gay. Another reference pointing at Ice Cube’s fault can be seen in the movie “Boyz n the hood” where the character played by Ice Cube shoots a person bearing a great resemblance to Eazy-E. Ice Cube’s further career shows more references of his connection to the Illuminati, for example, in the video of his collaboration “Fuck Dying” with Korn (also well-known Satanists). Controversial information has emerged in recent years on whether or not Ice Cube is still a member of the Illuminati. The things raising this question are his shrinking popularity and the small number of album copies sold, but as I mentioned before – the only way out of the Illuminati is death, so make your own conclusions.
Of course, the most popular Illuminati saga is related to 2pac who was killed a year after Ice Cube’s sacrifice. It is interesting that Snoop Dogg knew that 2pac would die of a violent death several days before it happened – in MTV interview on September 4, 1996 2pac was speaking about the war between East Coast and West Coast and media, while Snoop Dogg, who was standing next to him, was silent and looked depressed. As we all know, Snoop Dogg got into the game thanks to Dr. Dre, and his way to the Illuminati is described in video of “Murder Was The Case”. The video contains several symbols like a crow, demon with Reptilian eyes and many other things that point to dark energy. In this song Snoop Dogg honestly tells that he sells his soul to get tangible wealth.
In his short lifetime, 2pac became one of the main representatives of the West Coast and the king of this coast, but he had to be replaced as he did not abide to the rules set by the Illuminati. One of the main reasons why 2pac was killed was his knowledge – he was a Christian who realised that the poor people are getting oppressed in America and he was ready to fight for their rights. 2pac was killed, thus giving the servant of the Illuminati and the Masons, Dr. Dre, opportunity to replace 2pac as the new king of West Coast. The situation with Notorious B.I.G. was similar – unlike 2pac, he played according to the rules of the Illuminati, but only to the degree where he could get enough money. When Biggie became the king of East Coast, he had to die so that Jay-Z, 33rd Degree Mason, could replace him. This explanation of events is supported by an innocent interview with Snoop Dogg where the lean rapper tells that 2pac and Notourious B.I.G. were the sacrifice so that hip-hop could continue its development. If this evidence is not enough, I am not sure what else could convince the sceptics.
After the death of industry’s greatest names in the 90s, there was a relatively peaceful period of time when anti-Illuminati rappers were not killed, rather their careers were ended. Taking into account what happened to their predecessors, it’s a pretty good outcome. At the turn of the century the industry was full of the Illuminati followers – all the greatest names including Eminem were members of the occultism group. It looked like after 2pac’s death there was no one who would be able to fight Satan’s influence in music industry. Jay-Z with the members of RocAFella label showed pyramids in their videos (yes, that’s not a diamond they are showing, it’s a pyramid – everyone knows that you show a diamond in a completely different way), Puff Daddy earned countless millions (you can’t do that if you are not a member of the Illuminati), while Dr. Dre went on “Up In Smoke” tour with his crew where one of the main features was a giant skull smoking marijuana. Maybe the solution must be found within the Illuminati. In the first decade of 21st century the Illuminati rappers started to realize the consequences of their dark actions – Satan wanted more sacrifices and this time they were rappers’ family members and closest friends. This unexpected turn of events made some artists seriously think about their choice and more and more rappers joined the anti-Illuminati, like Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, who were ready to fight against the dark powers.
One of the last famous victims of the Illuminati is Pimp C because he told the truth in his songs (like his predecessors) and invited down south artists to unite. In one of his songs Pimp C mentions such things as “48 Laws Of Power” and “Art Of War” as well as quotes from the Bible, for example, “behold the Pale horse”. Apparently this rapper who was willing to tell the truth to his audience was not convenient for the Illuminati so Satan’s secret society got rid of him. The doom of Lil Boosie was similar – before he was arrested, in one of his songs the rapper mentioned that he believes in Jesus, not in Barack Obama. At the same time the Illuminati is joined by several well-known names. Of course, one of the best known Satanists is Lil Wayne. In his lyrics Lil Wayne propagates everything that is forbidden in the Bible – alcohol, sex, drugs and irregular behaviour. There is a theory than Lil Wayne is a Martian, not a human being. The rapper has mentioned this fact in several songs and he has 2 albums the name of which contains Lil Wayne’s statement that he’s not a human being. In several of his songs, the rapper mentions a space ship in which he will leave this planet. Apparently, the Illuminati are against it so the secret society punished him for an attempt to do that and Lil Wayne had to spend a year in prison. In his hit “Mirrors” Lil Wayne expresses his sorrow for joining the Illuminati and reveals that he is just acting cheerful. Actually he wants to get back to God (or back to Mars).
Another world known rapper regretting his connection to the Illimunati is Eminem. By getting in the rap game with the help of Dr. Dre he got no other option but to join the Illuminati. In one of his songs Eminem reveals that he has sold his soul to Satan and is not going to get it back. The turn of events took place in 2006 when the Illuminati took away Eminem’s best friend – rapper Proof. In his newest songs Eminem notes that he knew about the murder of Proof and now he regrets it – if Eminem could go back in time, he would act differently. Eminem informed about leaving the Illuminati in 2010, in his album “Recovery” and now he has joined Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique and Young Buck to fight against the secret society. Eminem is also trying to save his colleagues from the deadly grasp of the Illuminati by collaborating with Rihanna, Lil Wayne and other artists. As ironic as it sounds, it looks like the biggest damage to the Illuminati will be done by society’s existing and former members. But artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco have a strong position – while they were just waking up for their satanic sleep and starting to realize that they are just puppets in the hands of the Illuminati, such artists as Jay-Z continued to climb up the ladder of Satanist hierarchy.
In 2009 Jay-Z released his album Blueprint 3 thus declaring that he is now the 33rd Degree Mason which is the highest level one could reach in the secret Satanist societies. Jay-Z is currently the most powerful and influential member of the Illuminati in music industry. He is one of the persons ensuring that the Illuminati propaganda gets into the mass media. One of Jay-Z’s most powerful weapons is the Illuminati princess Rihanna who is openly propagating sex, masochism and drugs. It is evidenced by countless videos, interviews and parts of studio sessions. In one of such videos Jay-Z is declaring that he has not read the Bible, while in another one the Illuminati priest can be seen in a sweatshirt with Aleister Crowley’s quote “do what thou wilt”. Of course, one of the clearest evidence of Jay-Z’s connection to the Satanists is his song “Lucifer”. I am not even going into details – the Illuminati handshake, “Run This Town” and “On To The Next One” videos and other things as you can get more information on
The Illuminati appeared in the scene in the 90s and took over the hip-hop industry. In the beginning of 20th century the secret society was controlling hip-hop artists by sacrificing people and shutting the mouths that were speaking bad things about this society by using mass media and NY and LA police officers. The Illuminati are against Christianity and Christian values. They propagate sexual freedom, independence from God and irresponsible lifestyle. Now, when we are entering the third decade of the Illuminati rule, it looks like the Illuminati will have to suffer some hard blows as rappers nowadays are aware of their value. Eminem and Lil Wayne are currently the biggest names that go against the Illuminati industry ruled by Jay-Z, however, it is still not clear whether they are going to survive this fight. How are we going to know the course of the fight? We have to continue to carefully watch music videos, listen to lyrics (remember – when the song contains words “God” or “Jesus Christ”, the artist actually is referring to Satan), pay attention to CD covers and interviews.
Now I want to drink a beer, take a shower and somehow get rid of all this useless information that I got in my head while writing this article. It’s a total bullshit. However, the craziest/most interesting aspect is the discussions in the comment section, not the video about the Illuminati. People are arguing about who are the members of this society, telling that Jesus is the one and only saviour and they are actively “fighting” for the truth that no one wants to hear. It’s very interesting how “facts” are just phrases taken out of the context. It seems like those people are dreaming of culture of the 50s and education in some Christian school. At least they have a false sense of “understanding” things and knowing something others do not know. It’s a valuable thing.
Written by Edavardi
Edavārdi is a hip-hop fanatic and performer from Eastern Europe, Latvia. He has been a part of hip-hop culture for more than 8 years. During this time he has been writing, performing and making his own opinion about the culture from the epicenter of which he is so far away.

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