Obie Trice finds that Eminem's early difficulty performing Experiences To His Own

Before Eminem began his ascent to stardom, he had to make his way through Detroit's legendary battle Rap scene. The process was far from smooth, with Eminem being booed and feeling so discouraged that he wanted to quit rhyming.

In an interview with, Eminem's former artist, Obie Trice, explained how he was able to relate to that experience. "I knew that when that happened to him, but that's just part of the game," said Obie of his old boss.

Trice recalled not getting any response from crowds in New York. '"I remember doing shows in New York back in the day where the crowd was just staring at me. I was trying my best to get some type of reaction, and that didn't happen at that time until later on in my career when they just started knowing who I was."

"So, I believe that's part of the whole process of getting to know an artist and listening to his music. Eminem, at the time, was a breaking-through artist. He was a white dude back when Hip Hop was mainly just black culture. So, you know, he probably had a lot of different hurdles [more]than the norm, but quitting is not an option. You take a hiatus, but I don't believe in quitting."

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