Canada’s Next Upcoming Mc D’NME Say’s He’s Ready To Take the Rap Game By Storm.

Everyday There's new Mc's trying to break into the music business and not all of them have what it takes to make it.In the last few years we have seen a flurry of canadian Mc's take there shot at fame and fortune since YMCMB canadian rapper exploded into the American mainstream.

We caught up with rising Mc D"NME and he spoke a bit about his new project "Guns & Roses".
Here's what he had to say
The mixtape is titled "Guns & Roses".

That title was chosen because of how different each record is in terms of mood and feel. The term "Guns & Roses" means "Love and Hate", "Good and Bad" or "Hard and Soft".
 To the average listener some records on this tape can be considered "hard or bad" etc and others can be considered "Good or Soft". Every track has a different feel, I kind of leave it up to the listener to decide what records are like "Guns" and what records are like "Roses".

Not only do I have hardcore hip hop songs like "Against The Wall" I have more pop like tunes such as "Love Is Overrated".
One thing I maintained though was the level of lyricism and skill. A lot of the flows are rapid and dense, but no matter what record it is I maintained a high level of lyricism throughout this whole project.
I have various producers on this mixtape.

A lot of hidden talent around the States contributed to this mix tape. This mix tape is the "official" introduction of me (D'NME) to the world. I'm basically putting everyone on notice and letting them know that I've arrived.

With such confidence you would hope D'NME has the music to match his bravado,but when you take a listen to his music and his presentation you can't help the feeling that you may be listening to a future great.Not only is his music presented well but you can also get a taste of what the future holds by looking at his most recent video entitled "The Stars" featuring Laura Dore who also sounds dope on the track has almost 200k views on Youtube.

The mix tape itself  has already been downloaded over 12,000 times.

You can see the video below .

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