Media Personality Touré Jokes About Trayvon Martin’s Murder Via Twitter

If you decide to use Twitter for evil, you must be prepared to catch the Internet fade.

Media personality, and part-time buffoon, Touré learned this lesson earlier today when he posted an insensitive joke on his Twitter feed

“New slang! You’re Zimmering me = You’re killing me,” he wrote regarding the senseless shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
The Florida teen was shot dead by 28-year-old George Zimmerman, who allegedly mistook him for a trespassing criminal despite the fact that he was unarmed and visiting family in a gated community.Touré, who is no stranger to pulling and then trading in his race card, so long as it fits his agenda, felt the immediate error of his ways. He became a trending topic—which is exactly what he wanted seeing as how he seems to make ridiculous ignorant comments just to get a rise out of people—and posted a half-hearted apology, but not before complaining
“You know the Trayvon twitter convo is wildly out of control when a self-defined progressive white person calls me rabidly racist. O.k,” he wrote.

Finally coming to his senses (or maybe just feeling the heat from the Twitterverse) he wrote, “Fine. It was a bad “joke.” Obviously not meant to be heartless. Days & days of intellectual discourse re Trayvon went over some heads I see. My position on Trayvon has been clear for days. I shouldn’t have attacked his murderer with a facetious attempt at dark humor.”
This guy deserves a swift beat down. Aside from the fact that he’s being insensitive, as a Black man, one would think that he would use his platform to shed light on an injustice rather than make jokes about it.

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