J. Prince Speaks On 2Pac And Notorious B.I.G. Beef

The Rap-A-Lot CEO addresses the rumors that he he was brought in to mediate the beef between 'Pac and Biggie.

Complex recently chopped it up with Rap-A-Lot impresario J. Prince for a exhaustive, career-spanning interview. During the interview, Prince spoke on the rumors that outside parties had attempted to bring in the Houston Hip Hop titan to mediate the beef between Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

Prince explained to Complex that while he did hear of such rumors, there was never a summit between himself and the two late rappers. Although he did meet with both parties on an individual basis, he was never able to bring the two emcees together to squash their differences. At the same time, however, Prince explained that being the neutral party put him in a difficult situation to be able properly weigh in on such a personal feud.

"Well let me say this, because I think I read something that wasn’t that accurate about that situation. As far as me making the move to bring them together, that never happened. That never happened. I think if I would have, it could have happened. But that never happened, because when I met with one side of the program, you know, two plus two equals four all over the world. Right? It didn’t equals with it not adding up, I had to put brakes on it."

Prince added, "See I’m like this, when I speak, I got to be in the right. It have to make sense. I have to feel real genuine when I speak. And I can’t speak—if you wrong, then I got to tell the person that you wrong. I can’t do it. So when that picture was presented to me, I had to go back into neutral. And it’s hard for me to be able to say to any man, 'Don’t feel this way,' or 'this and that' or 'go and explain your story,' and it ain’t no validity there...I know I’m speaking real vaguely right now...But see I couldn’t speak on it cause I woulda handled things differently. I woulda handled things differently when that happened to Pac. When he got shot I woulda handled it totally differently."

Check out the full tell-all interview here  at Complex

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