Ice Cube Studying Architectural Drafting & The Eames

O'Shea Jackson speaks on his history of wanting to become an architectural drafter.

Before joining N.W.A. and setting off his career in Hip Hop, Ice Cube constructed a safety net as an architectural drafting student. In a clip for Pacific Standard Time, the 42-year-old celebrates The Eames house, showing his appreciation for architecture in Los Angeles, California and how he got interested in the field.

"When N.W.A. was first about to pop off I wasn't sure if I was gonna make a living at it... Cussin' on the radio? I didn't know if that was gonna bring me any money," said Cube. "So I ended up going to school in Phoenix and spending a year out there... (but) I haven't picked up my certificate since I got it. If you want me to draw you up a house I can draw you up a house; I don't know if it's gonna be liveable."

In the clip, Cube shares his appreciation for the structural design of The Eames for Pacific Standard Time, a non-profit organization connecting more than 60 cultural institutions across Southern California. He further cemented his reasoning for initially wanting to have a backup plan beyond music and why his love for architecture still holds.

"Before I did rap music, I did architectural drafting. One thing I learned is that you’ve always gotta have a plan," he said. "[The Eames] was doing mash-ups before mash-ups even existed."

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